Dena is professional, but not pretentious. She genuinely loves connecting with her clients on a personal level and uncovering what matters most to them. Dena strives to ensure her clients feel comfortable to ask any question without fear of judgment. She breaks down complex legal issues so her clients fully-understand their options and can make sound choices with confidence.

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Dena opened her law practice in the community where she was raised. Dena is the sixth generation of her family to live in Karnes County, being a direct descendant of John Ruckman, who co-founded the town of Helena, Texas in 1856. Dena graduated as Valedictorian of Karnes City High School in 2002 and moved away for a few years to pursue a career in broadcast journalism. Dena worked as a television news reporter in the El Paso, Texas and Sioux City, Iowa markets. Dena believes working in the fast-paced and high-stress world of broadcast news helped develop the research, writing, public-speaking and presentation skills that she still uses now as a practicing attorney.

Prior to opening her own practice, Dena started her legal career in a civil litigation practice, working for a highly-respected large firm based in Texas. Dena graduated Summa Cum Laude from St. Mary’s University School of Law where she was Editor-in-Chief of the St. Mary’s Law Journal.

Dena, her husband Tyler, and their two young children live out in the country. Tucked away in the South Texas brush, they are surrounded by Santa Gertrudis cows, a few Hereford bulls, and all kinds of wildlife. Tyler operates and manages their family cattle business—carrying on a legacy from both Tyler and Dena's families. Their kids enjoy exploring outdoors, fishing, hunting dove and Whitetail deer, as well as helping with their cattle, especially if the job involves riding horseback with Blue Lacy cowdogs running alongside.

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Beyond her practice and raising two sweet kids, Dena enjoys being outdoors, taking daily walks before the sun rises and riding Quarter Horses when given the chance, a love she inherited from her late father. She always has a couple of books on her bedside table, a twisty mystery being her novel of choice, as well as several stacks nearby waiting to be read. Dena's creative passions include writing, art, architecture, and interior design. She keeps a few irons in the fire on those fronts. Dena drinks her coffee black, and her after-hours drink of choice is a cold Ranch Water with extra salt.

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In my dealings with Dena, when things seem a little overwhelming, I have found her to be the “calm in the storm”. When necessary, she can also be the storm you need. I’m a very satisfied client and plan to keep my place on her client roster for as long as possible."


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We advise our clients in nearly all matters related to their property, both real and personal, including their homes, farm and ranch land, mineral rights, investment property, and business assets. Our mission is to help protect, preserve and grow these assets for generations to come. We provide high-level, sophisticated legal services locally.

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